The Practice

Contemporary Architecture Pty Ltd is a design focused practice based in Sydney's Lower North Shore. It was established by Clare Carter in 2002 and since then has been involved in the creation of over 160 homes across Sydney. Contemporary Architecture is a dedicated team of 7 graduate and registered architects with a friendly and easy going attitude. The team are always working towards achieving high quality design outcomes while working within the constraints of your budget and site. Listening to and understanding your needs and desires creates a quality solution.

Our practice is focused on meeting your needs through:

  • People
  • Design
  • Communication

Contemporary Architecture believes the design process requires a holistic understanding of your needs, your site opportunities and constraints, environmental sustainability and local council codes. Good architecture improves our built environment while protecting our natural resources and enhancing your life.


At the core of good architecture is the focus on people. Architecture has no relivance if it does not meet the needs of the people who are using it. We will spend many meetings talking through what you like - dislike, need - want, love - hate. Conversations inform the design.

It's a Team Sport

We always refer to the process of building as a team sport. The team consists of the client, the architect, consultants and the builder and each member of this team has their own requirements and needs. As the architect we always work to find solutions to these sometimes competing demands on an ongoing basis. When the team works well you have an enjoyable experience culminating in a project that each member of the team is proud to be associated with.


Every project is unique

Our practice is called Contemporary Architecture because it does not have a set style, every project is different and responds to the three fundamental areas of design:

  1. Your requirements - each project must respond to your needs and desires and the requirements of people who will be using the building.

  2. Technical requirements - the building has to stand up, it has to be built within a budget, it has to be sustainable and it has to comply with the building codes and planning constraints.

  3. Aesthetic requirements - the building must be a pleasure to be in, there must be a progress through the building that is considered, and a cohesion of elements that produces unity. We want your home to be beautiful.

All three areas must work with each other throughout the whole process of building, from the first design to the last site meeting to produce the best outcome.

Improving our built environment

A great design outcome not only benefits you, but it benefits the community. Good design respects the context of the site and improving the environment for everyone is our responsibility. In the images below the before and after shots show how we transformed a run down home in Artarmon by opening up the front verandah, moving the garage, replacing the windows, creating a new front path, garden and walls and painting it to highlight the exisitng details of the facade. This home is now enhancing the neighbourhood and contributing to the Artarmon Conservation Area.

Before After
Before After
Before After


Sustainability is not an afterthought; it is an integral part of the design process.

Opening up old homes to light, ensuring the maximisation of winter sun penetration and screening from the hot summer heat are design considerations that need to be considered from the beginning of the design process. Sustainable design responds to the long term functioning of the building and not to fashion. Materials need to be chosen for their long life cycle, not just because they look good when first installed.

We work with you to meet any special sustainability or environmental needs. Our knowledge of heating and cooling, insulation, maintenance of materials, low energy fittings, solar installation, water re-use and glazing specifications is integral to the design process.


Building experience

At Contemporary Architecture our goal is to always create a quality outcome. We like to be involved in the project from the first survey through to the final site inspection. Construction can be confronting and stressful but with our help and knowledge we can guide you through the process. These images show how a building site is transformed into a warm and inviting home.

Construction Completed
Construction Finished
Construction Finished
Construction Completed
Construction Finished
Construction Finished

Having Contemporary Architecture involved throughout your building process you directly benefit from our extensive experience. We consider buildability from the first design ideas and this helps minimise any surprises during construction.

High quality documentation

At Contemporary Architecture we pride ourselves on the quality of our documentation. Having clear documents for all stages of the process saves you time and money. Our projects are well received by Councils for the Development Application process, by Certifiers for the Complying Development Certificate process and by Builders for the tendering and construction process. Our tender documentation covers all aspects of your building producing a comprehensive package co-ordinating windows, doors, lights, power outlets, joinery, and much more. We model in the engineers' beams and columns to ensure that they work with our design. We design and document your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry and make sure they work with your choices of appliances, fittings and fixtures. Having an integrated CAD based design and tender package helps bring all these small and sometimes complicated pieces together.

Using technology to communicate the design.

At Contemporary Architecture we use ArchiCAD to design and document your project. ArchiCAD is a three dimensional CAD package where we model the site and the existing building, we work continuously in three dimensions.

Design Completed
Design Completed

We use CAD from the initial site model through the design process to the completion of your project. Using three dimensional CAD means you can see what your home will look like before it is built. We have a great set up in our office where we can walk you around your home and make changes while in our meetings in response to the discussions we are having. We can also issue you with a special 3D file called a BIMx file which you can load on your devices and walk around at your leisure.

By using ArchiCAD we can communicate our intentions for your site more clearly with you, with council, with engineers and with the builder. Contemporary Architecture has been using ArchiCAD for over 20 years, developing systems to make CAD an excellent design and communication tool.

We understand you are busy, travelling or even located overseas. We use bespoke cloud based solutions so you can access your documents and information from anywhere in the world. Cloud based access is especially helpful during the tender documentation stage. We work together sharing, tracking and mangaing the specification of your design for your home, reducing mistakes and the need for excessive personalised communications.