Contemporary Architecture is a design based practice with extensive experience in contemporary design. The design process requires an understanding and bringing together of the following elements: consideration of the local council codes, site opportunity and constraints, environmental sustainability and client requirements and desires. Enhancing our built environment whilst protecting our natural resources are our constant design objectives.


Over the last few years Contemporary Architecture has been developing new ways to communicate our ideas to Clients and Councils by using the three dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, ArchiCAD. With this package we build a model of the development in the computer. This model can be viewed in plan, section and in 3 dimensions, generating perspectives allowing our clients to view their home from any angle. We can supply our clients with BIMx files that allow our clients to navigate around their designs in 3D on their computers, iPads or iPhones. We are always looking at new ways to exploit the powers of ArchiCAD, applying technology to our designs so that our clients can see their homes very early in the design process.

Council negotiations have been improved by submitting views of the design with the Development Application and also by bringing our CAD package to meetings with planners, enabling them to visualise our proposal and its impact on the local environment.

Council Negotiations

Contemporary Architecture has extensive experience with negotiating with local councils. We believe in respecting local council requirements, but at the same time are prepared to support our desires if we believe these developments will enhance the built environment and not adversely impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties.


Contemporary Architecture produces detailed documents of all elements of the building to produce a single comprehensive package for builders to price. We can produce detailed plans, specifications, kitchen/laundry/bathroom joinery documentation, specialist joinery documentation and can assist in the choice and integration of fixtures, fittings and appliances.

Contract Administration

Involving the architect in the building of your project is very important if you wish to ensure that the design intent and the quality of the project are maintained. At Contemporary Architecture we prefer to be involved in projects from the first sketches to the end of the building process, ensuring that the project is something we can all be proud of.

Feasibility Studies

North Sydney Council, Willoughby City Council

When you are looking at a property to purchase, or thinking of upgrading your existing property, you can engage our services to provide an assessment on your opportunities and constraints under the Development Control Plan (DCP) and the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) for the North Sydney Council Municipality and the Willoughby City Council Municipality. We can produce a sketch and attend a meeting with the strategic or duty planner to assess what can be achieved on the site. Contact us for rates for this service.